We’re Hit Subscribe

We connect with your audience because we are your audience.

What we do

We use vetted SMEs in tandem with trained SEO experts to help you reach your audience and make authentic connections through content marketing.

Simply, that means: 

✔️ More qualified leads

✔️ More time on page for your content

✔️ More domain authority

✔️ More goodwill and trust with your desired audience

Our four-step process


We start with an analysis of your site that includes sitemap score, domain authority, and site performance (yours to keep, whether you work with us or not).

From there, we show you our history of success through graphs and stories.

If you want to work with us, we create a KPI-driven, custom content plan, keeping in mind all we've learned from a call with you and from our established methodology.


Sure, our authors are trained to write good initial drafts from the get-go.

But we also have a team of professional editors that follow our internal style guide to make sure all posts we give you are polished and consistent.

It's our editorial team that makes sure each piece of content has the right conversational tone while preserving the author's voice.

While no one can truthfully guarantee an error-free post, our editors make sure your content is consistently professional-sounding and easy to read.


Our authors are full-time engineers that will produce authentic community content for you.

Unlike most content marketing firms, nothing we give you will sound hollow to your technical audience.

And unlike solo freelance developers you might find to write for you, our authors get real-time readability and SEO feedback while they compose. So while they're seldom SEO experts, they know the basics.

Quality Assurance

Editors make sure your prose is in tip-top shape. But your content needs more than that. We want to check that it's fit for purpose.

Does it meet the mission? Fulfill its KPI?

Does it conform to our many stringent SEO guidelines, giving you the best possible chance to rank? Did the author  abstain from mentioning your competitors?

This is why we have a final QA checklist, where a trained professional will look at a post and make sure it's a great fit for what we planned. 

Why we're different

There are plenty of content specialists out there.

But unlike companies that are just marketers or copywriters by trade, we have career technologists and  SEO experts. They work together for you, and they recommend and deliver work based on the years of data and results on the content we've produced.

This means we're qualified to help you, whatever your needs: be they roadmapping, consultative services, or complete content delivery. That way, you can take your hands off the wheel and worry about other things.

Our results


We don’t just think our content is engaging.

We have the data to back it up.

Clients can see our keyword optimization strategy working in real time as they rise in page ranking, and we’ve got the graphs that prove it. Plus, the posts we write for clients are often featured on Reddit, Morning Brew, and Hacker News.

 Content marketing is all about offering value that helps you gain the trust of your potential customers. Let us help you build that trust with content that’s not only helpful but also fun for techies to read.


Let’s talk.

What are your goals for your content, and what are your pain points?

Do you need advice on strategy? Or is your blog missing that technically relevant voice?

Maybe you just need a partner who will run things while you sit back and watch your traffic grow.

Let’s talk about how Hit Subscribe can take your content to where you’ve always wanted it to be.