We’re Hit Subscribe

You’ve got software to build.  Leave your blog to us.

What we do

Our team works with developer tool companies to plan, create, and promote engaging content. We’re focused on your business goals, and we’ll be your partner in achieving them.


We talk to you about your content goals, and we plan posts according to what your business needs using customized keyword research, persona building, and our knowlege of what will attract your desired audience.


We create custom-tailored, fresh content that won’t sound hollow to tech audiences. We take care of editing, graphics, and SEO optimization. And since we know you’re busy, we can even take care of posting for you!

Follow up

We’ll make sure your analytics are reflecting the progress you want to be making. Beyond that, we’ll  promote you through our own channels, and we can  provide you with assets for your own social media.

Why we’re different

There are plenty of content specialists out there.

But unlike companies that are marketers or copywriters by trade, our authors are career technologists. They’ll build your reputation as an authority.

And unlike technologists who moonlight as authors, we have professional editing built into our service—and we guarantee we’ll hit our cadence, no matter what.

Our results

We don’t just think our content is engaging. We can prove it.

Clients can see our keyword optimization strategy working in real time as they rise in page ranking. And we specialize in working with you to find creative ways to create buzz and get you attention on news aggregators like Hacker News and Reddit.

Traffic equals conversions. Let us help you increase your profits through content that’s not only authoritative but also fun for techies to read.

Let’s talk

What are your goals for your content, and what are your pain points? Do you need more eyes on your blog? Or do you need technically relevant writers? Are you wanting to up your SEO game? Or maybe you just need a partner who will come in and run things with your goals in mind, from ideation to creation to analytics tracking.

We’re content experts who value relationships. That’s why the meter is never running when you call us, and it’s why we want to see if we’re a good fit for one another before we charge a penny.

Let’s talk about how Hit Subscribe can take your content to where you’ve always wanted it to be.