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Lead Generation

Your Own Engineer Guest Blogging Program

Have a robust engineer-author guest blogging program with zero effort on your side.

Would you like to own a guest blogging program to rival Twilio or Digital Ocean? Let us be your secret weapon.

As an organization that routinely produces as many as 40 guest blog posts per week, we know a thing or two about setting up a guest blogging program. Let us set yours up and start building a developer community around your brand.

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Hit the Gas on Organic Traffic

Go from 10K to 100K monthly organic visitors.

Do you have a blog that brings in branded search and app traffic, and you have the occasional shot-in-the-dark post that ranks well, but now you’re looking to do a careful, deliberate, organic play? Is one of your main success criteria this year 10X-ing your organic traffic and you’d love to deliver a home run there?

We can make that happen for you.

Check out our results page and see that we have plenty of experience creating hockey-stick-like growth curves for our clients, in terms of traffic. We can do it starting from nothing, so we can certainly build on the base you’ve established and 10X your existing traffic.

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Your Own Knowledge Base and Organic Traffic Juggernaut

Send traffic through the roof by building a corpus of definitions and how-tos.

Are you looking to build an organic traffic channel but finding your blog to be a frictional or inappropriate place to do it? Do you have stakeholders that aren’t excited about the kind of dry content that tends to rank: definitions, tutorials, and comparisons? How would you like to have your organic cake and eat it too?

Let us help you do that by building you a knowledge base resource.

When addressing tactical organic searches, we increasingly recommend an approach that involves building out a “glossary” or “resources” section on your site. And we have the experience and know-how to plan and execute one, start to finish, that will bring you a ton of organic traffic—all while you save your weekly blog content for thought leadership pieces.

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Organic Traffic Starter Kit

Go from 0 to 10K monthly organic visitors.

Are you an early marketing hire at your organization tasked with getting some organic traffic on the blog? Do you have an ambitious KPI to chase but not the momentum or resources necessary to hit that number?

We can help you hit that number (or else build you a data-driven case as to why you’re being asked to do too much).

Over on our results page, you can see us helping customer after customer achieve a hockey-stick-like growth curve with organic traffic. In fact, this is so predictable now that we’re comfortable ballparking what you can expect and helping you hit the concrete numbers you’re tasked with.

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Your Own Done-For You Podcast

Start a podcast starring your executives—but requiring minimal time from you or them.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to approach your CEO or CTO and tell them, “I’ve lined up an entire podcast for you to host, and all you need to do is show up for an hour each week to chat with someone?”

Imagine the guests you’ll meet, the direct reach that you’ll have, and all of the content marketing assets that will follow in the wake of this.

All you need to do is give us a call and tell us to make it happen.

There are a lot of daunting logistics associated with starting a podcast, but we’ve handled all of them so that you don’t have to. We’ll work with you on a kickoff workshop where we choose a name, theme, and guest ideas, and we’ll handle everything from there.

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Build the Perfect Advertising Property

Commission and own the perfect niche site to advertise on.

How much money are you currently spending on display and banner ads that, at best, put you in front of “software engineer?” Are you tired of overpaying for low-intent impressions or haggling with inexperienced niche site owners that don’t know how to advertise your offering?

What if, instead of trying to find the perfect advertising partner, you let us build it for you?

Having planned thousands of well-performing, niche organic posts that have earned millions of page views, we know exactly how to attract, filter, and qualify your buyers and influencers. We’ll build you a site that does exactly that, where you can do any combination of banner ads, affiliate placements, sponsored posts, and remarketing that you please.

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Lead Nurture

Fractional Dev Evangelism

Hire a dedicated developer evangelist without the FTE commitment.

Have you ever thought that you’d love to have an engineer who worked exclusively for marketing? Are you tired of struggling to get five minutes of engineerings’ time per week, let alone five hours? And when you bring this up, are you tired of not having enough budget for an FTE?

We can help you there. Let us provide a dedicated, fractional dev evangelist within a scalable budget.

Our authors are used to writing about technical topics within their areas of expertise. So we’ll have one of our authors get to know your product, making it their area of expertise. And then we can work together on a schedule of posts, Q&A answers, webinars, talks, etc. that work within your budget over the course of the year.

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Make Your API Famous

Get the word out to influencers and communities about your new API and get people hacking on it.

Did you just decide to expose an API and now you’re tasked with figuring out how to get engineers to even notice, let alone care? Have you been googling around to figure out how self-promotional is too self-promotional on Hacker News?

We know the answer to all of those questions and more. Let us help you.

We’ll schedule a kickoff meeting where you walk us through your API, its capabilities, and its killer selling points. We’ll then build a content creation and syndication roadmap for you, enlisting engineers to build tutorials around your API’s coolest use cases.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn your existing traffic into qualified leads.

Have your executives and board congratulated you on bringing in a ton of direct and organic traffic only to ask “What’s the conversion rate on this?” And do you find yourself wishing it were a little better? Are you racking your brain for how to get a second touch from qualified visitors?

We can help you optimize your overall conversion rate. Bring us in to help you lay out a path to doing just that.

We will do a detailed audit of your currently well-performing posts and traffic assets, along with your middle funnel and sales enablement assets. From there, we’ll help you create a path to qualifying and converting more leads through applying surgical changes to your overall content library.

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Lead Magnets

Commission an expert-written piece of long-form content to spec.

Are you googling “engineering org chart,” trying to figure out exactly who your buyers, decision-makers, and influencers are? And then are you racking your brain as to what kind of buyers’ guide or white paper you even need, let alone who will write it, when and, how?

Let us relieve you of any and all of those worries.

At Hit Subscribe, engineers are involved in everything from planning to execution of content.  We have a deep understanding of your personas, how they interact with each other, and what they’re looking for. Let us plan and write long-form content for you to use as lead magnets and for nurture and sales enablement in general—without the headache for you.

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Lead Conversion

COMING SOON! Fractional Sales Engineer

Hire a dedicated sales engineer without FTE commitment.

Integrated Partnerships

We Run Your Blog, Soup to Nuts

Outsource every last thing to us, from post brief to publish button.

Is your blog languishing with a few miscellaneous changelog and announcement posts once every few months? Do you and others have grand plans for it but absolutely no time to execute those plans? Are you worried that the only way you’ll make anything of it is to hire an FTE and throw them at it?

We can help. Before you queue up that offer letter and W-4, let’s talk about putting your blog on autopilot.

This is one of our more popular offerings, and it’s something we have done over and over for clients the last three years. We’ll work with you, based on your KPIs and vision, to create a content roadmap, style guide, and schedule. Then, we’ll take care of the execution for you as well, supplying you with steady content and incorporating any contributions from your staff.  

Make your company’s blog a completely solved problem.

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Content Staff Augmentation

Easily add any missing staff to your content creation process.

Are you spending way more time than you want looking for editors on Upwork or hiring VAs to add graphics and publish posts? Or maybe you’re combing Toptal or StackOverflow for engineers that know how to write?

Let us help preserve your sanity by taking care of that for you.

Hit Subscribe runs a massive content operation that produces up to 40 pieces of content per week. To get to that point, we have hired literally hundreds of contractors to fill every role in the content creation process. Let us help you augment your staff as needed so that you can spend your time on more valuable things than reading cover letters and editing samples.

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Bulk Content Fulfillment

Get as many posts as you want, about any topic you want, written by engineers.

Do you have a great content strategy and roadmap, a healthy budget, and plenty of know-how, but just can’t get the content flywheel going? Or maybe you have a patchwork of freelancers, content marketers, and general agencies, but herding those cats takes so much of your time you’d need to clone yourself to wear every hat you’re being asked to?

Let us solve the problem of “How can I get 60 posts written in Q1” for you.

With a large, diverse, and flexible pool of contractors and a content operation that can manage dozens of posts per week, we’ve perfected the art of bulk content fulfillment, without sacrificing authenticity—our SMEs write everything. We’re happy to discuss how we can help you burn down that backlog of content you’ve had forever, in less time than you’d ever have thought possible.

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