Marjan’s Venema heralds 30 years in all aspects of software development. Specializing in writing authoritative content, Venema makes tech know-how available to all skill levels of developers and technology neophytes and experts.


Omkar Hiremath specializes in computer science, presenting theoretical and demo-based learning in ethical hacking, Python, blockchain and Hadoop. Hiremath prides himself on presenting top-grade presentations and knowledge sharing.


Practice Manager

Melissa McEwen, our Director of Content Strategy and former software engineer, excels in driving growth through effective campaigns. By seamlessly integrating technology and content, she ensures the delivery of captivating and goal-aligned content. In her spare time she enjoys sewing and knitting.

Eric B

Eric Boersma specializes in software development and serves as a development manager. He implements strategies for pharmaceutical companies integrating intelligent software for the U.S. government. Constructing lasting relations with international development for nonprofits, Boersma shares his development know-how in an open collaborative environment. He prides himself on continually improving his skills.


Lou Bichard is a JavaScript full-stack engineer who believes the best performing softwares are created with a cohesive team. Bichard favors old-school lean systems and methodology, XP, continuous delivery, and development operations. Crafting careful approaches to each product, Bichard shines in software approach and delivery.


Sylvia Fronczak specializes in cutting-edge design practices ahead of the curve. As a project leader, Fronczak teaches developers how to improve technological design; she is a software engineer of many years. Throughout her career Fronczak has worked with several, diversified brands improving central software methodologies.


Phil Vuollet is a subject matter expert in technology and business, often contributing to brands’ unique voices. Vuollet is a software automator focusing on improving repeatability. Often invited to give presentations, Vuollet is an active voice in the technology sphere.


Founder of RootPerformance, an engineering consultancy company, Jean Tunis focuses on minimizing cost and loss productivity for technology operators. Heralding 23 years in the industry, Tunis identifies application and network performance problems.


Mark Henke heralds ten years of building architectural systems who interact with each other. Henke began working with development operations before its widespread popularity. Passionate about collaboration, Henke’s role shifts from development lead, to active team member, sharpening his teammates skills, and learning new tricks of his own.


Peter Morlion is a passionate programmer that helps people and companies improve the quality of their code, especially in legacy codebases. He firmly believes that industry best practices are invaluable when working towards this goal, and his specialties include TDD, DI, and SOLID principles.