Matt Zandstra has been working in transportation and logistics dispatch for the past six years, both as a broker and direct to drivers. He’s familiar with various facets of relationships, technical systems, pricing mechanics, and commodities.


Nabendu Biswas has been working in the software industry for the past 15 years, starting as a C++ developer, then moving on to databases. For the past six years he’s been working as a web-developer working in the JavaScript ecosystem, and developing web-apps in ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL. He loves to blog about what he learns and what he’s up to.


Ukpai Ugochi is a full stack JavaScript developer (MEVN), and she contributes to FOSS in her free time. She loves to share knowledge about her transition from marine engineering to software development to encourage people who love software development and don’t know where to begin.


Dawid Ziolkowski has 10 years of experience as a Network/System Engineer at the beginning, DevOps in between, Cloud Native Engineer recently. He’s worked for an IT outsourcing company, a research institute, telco, a hosting company, and a consultancy company, so he’s gathered a lot of knowledge from different perspectives. Nowadays he’s helping companies move to cloud and/or redesign their infrastructure for a more Cloud Native approach.


Brian Deines believes that every day is a referendum on a brand’s relevance, and he’s excited to bring that kind of thinking to the world of modern manufacturing and logistics. He deploys a full-stack of business development, sales, and marketing tools built through years of work in the logistics, packaging, and tier-1 part supply industries serving a customer base comprised of Fortune 1000 OEMs.


Justin Reynolds is a freelance writer who enjoys telling stories about how technology, science, and creativity can help workers be more productive. In his spare time, he likes seeing or playing live music, hiking, and traveling.


Pius Aboyi prides himself on being a four year Android web developer proficient in Java, Kotlin, and PHP. When he’s not developing, Aboyi writes easy-to-understand articles on technological enterprises and developer tutorials.


Mario Fernandez is a career software developer. His practices include wielding best-in-class tools and practices, including continuous delivery, frontend development, backend development, and infrastructure. Fernandez spends his free time obsessively thinking about code.


Juan Reyes is an engineer who has persevered despite enduring life struggles. His journey of self-discovery brought him to the engineering industry, and he never looked back.


Alex Doukas is a website developer specializing in UX design, big data, social media marketing, and SEO best-practices.