Benny Ifeanyi is a data analyst, content creator, teacher, technical writer and developer advocate.  With an unwavering passion for sharing knowledge, Benny is dedicated to educating individuals about technology and helping them become better at what they do. He does this by writing technical articles on his blog and for companies, contributing to open-source projects, organizing/speaking at meetups/conferences, and fostering the growth of technical communities.


James Ajayi is a software developer and technical writer. He enjoys breaking complex concepts into chunks that can be easily understood. He does this by creating content in a way that resonates perfectly with both technical and non-technical readers.


Angela Traficante, owner of Lambda Editing, spent ten years in the tech industry before returning to her roots as an English major. She now primarily works with self-published authors to polish their books, and she occasionally dips into her technical knowledge to help writers craft interesting and engaging IT and software development content.


Chief Executive Officer

Erik Dietrich is a veteran of the software world and has occupied just about every position in it: developer, architect, manager, CIO, and eventually, independent management and strategy consultant. His breadth of experience allows him to speak to all industry personas, write several books in the development sphere, and countless blog posts for dozens of sites.

Account Manager

Daylen Hoots is an account manager at Hit Subscribe. She values learning and personal development, effective communication, systems and processes, and loves helping people come up with creative solutions to problems. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, going to Disney World, and volunteering.


Owner of Rabbit with a Red Pen, Crystal Shelley specializes in editing and creating authentic voices for fiction authors. Her reading services unite a love of language and a passion for social justice. Equal representation is critical in her career philosophy. Shelley strives to give readers authentic insight into diverse cultures.


Alison Cantrell earned a master’s degree in book publishing from Portland State University. She collaborates with writers and helps them craft their words intelligently and ensures complex topics are easily understood.


Jill Weisberg is a nonfiction editor across many verticals. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in French and a PhD in neuroscience. Her passion for words creates succinct, compelling content helping writers to best communicate their thoughts and methodologies for readers.


Kristin Rawlings specializes in developmental and copy editing. Extolling the virtue of the Oxford comma, she uses her skills to bridge the gap from engineering and software experts to easy-to-read prose for readers.


Siddhant Varma is a full stack JavaScript developer with expertise in frontend engineering. He’s worked with scaling multiple startups in India and has experience building products in the Ed-Tech and healthcare industries. Siddhant has a passion for teaching and a knack for writing. He’s also taught programming to many graduates, helping them become better future developers.