Our Results

Does our keyword optimization strategy actually work? Yes!

Our Proven Organic Results

We’re happy to help our clients reach more people by increasing their organic search traffic through strategic topic planning. Simply put, we bring traffic to your blog by picking topics that will be truly helpful to searchers, and we make sure your post is easy for them to find. This winds up being a virtuous circle: when those searchers locate and enjoy the high-quality information you’re putting out, it encourages Google to suggest your content to even more people.

 That’s why organic search matters, and bringing you great organic results is where we shine. Here’s a graph we captured through data from a client’s Google Analytics:

Do you want to get noticed by searchers on Google? Do you want Google to take notice of your site, just like it’s taking notice of this client? With time, this can be what your graph looks like.

Rank at the Top on Google

This graph showcases how organic keywords have been ranking for a client in the first, second, and third spots on the SERP over time.

We can also help increase the number of keywords you rank for in the first, second, and third spot on the search engine results page (often called the SERP). In simple terms, this means that when potential customers search Google for answers to their questions, your articles will be some of the first to show up. Take a look at the graph!

Increase Your Traffic Value Through Quality Content, Not Ads

Tired of buying your traffic? Let us help you increase your organic traffic value, which will let you avoid that heavy ad spend while you simultaneously post engaging and authentic content on your blog.

But wait. What’s organic traffic value, you might ask? It’s how much you’d have to pay in ads to get the same results organically by simply writing good content. Here’s how much money some of our clients would have needed to spend on ads to get the same results they got from working with us.


For reference, we first engaged with the above client in August of 2017, and we took over topic planning around January of 2018.


This client would need to spend 40K in ads in order to get the traffic we’ve brought—and remember that ads don’t create loyalty the way content does, nor does it continue to bring in traffic once you’ve paid.

What We Do Works

Engaging, authentic, and high quality content isn’t cheap. So you want to know you’re making an investment that will pay for itself. We get it.

These graphs from our real clients speak for themselves. When you’re seeing these kinds of results, the increase in sales make an investment in content a no-brainer. And think of the rewards besides the ROI: trust, a loyal following, the established good will with your potential buyers, and the prestige that comes with being the expert in your domain.

Want these results for yourself?