One of our founders, Erik Dietrich, has put together a comprehensive but concise video to help answer a common question he fields from clients and prospects. And what is that question? Well, it’s probably one many bloggers have thought before, which is “I’ve written a blog post, so now how long until it ranks in the top three results on Google?”
Wouldn’t it be lovely if that was just a simple and definitive answer? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that way.

Search Engine Ranking

The reason for this is a little complex. It has to do with the way searching works, on anything from social media to Google. Search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day.
Take Google for instance. Google is running a never-ending series of experiments to see which posts readers like the best. “How can they even do that?” you may ask. Well, they’re Google, they have their ways. They’re measuring things like whether readers click on the article and then right away click back to their search, whether readers click on an article and read it all the way through, when readers stop searching, etc.
All of this is telling a search engine like Google a lot about what they’re putting at the top of searches. Google is finding out what articles are good and which ones aren’t for certain keywords. And this all adds up so the best content that pops up first for search terms is providing the best experience.
This is all becoming more complex each day. There are so many factors Google is considering (or any search engine for that matter). It’s now harder to follow a simple formula or use certain cheats to get your article to the top.
Now, we live in a search world that considers users’ genuine reactions to posts. Ultimately, the best way you can try to rank high up there is to write good content that’s relevant and up to date.
That may sound like a big task. Maybe it seems a little daunting now. Worry not. Erik is here to help you out. Listen to his words of wisdom below, and check out Hit Subscribe’s Youtube channel for some direct and helpful advice. Be sure to subscribe as well.