If you start a blog, how can you expect it to grow, pick up traffic, and gain influence? At Hit Subscribe, blogs and content are our business, so we have a lot of experience with this.
And if you’d like to hear more on the subject in detail, check out this video from our founders, Amanda Muledy and Erik Dietrich, as below. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel for even more advice and thought-provoking discussions.

So you’ve heard us at Hit Subscribe talk a lot about the mechanics of growing your blog and learning how to grow strategically, but we haven’t really touched a lot on how you might just grow a following on your blogs organically. That is, until now!

OK, So Tell Me How I Build Organic Traffic!

While we wish this could be a simple and straightforward answer, it’s definitely not. And there’s not even a tried and true way to do this because if you want to build organic traffic then it has to be done organically. 
However, we do have quite a bit of experience in this area. For instance, we have a sister site, Make Me a Programmer, that we’ve been using as an experiment. This has allowed us to see how a brand new site grows organically through SEO. We also help several clients grow their sites through organic traffic.
One strategy you can try is to build blog posts around answering questions and ranking for those questions SEO-style. (We even have a post or two talking through SEO if you’re curious.)
Another way you could potentially grow your site is through using the power of social media. You can write the content and then share it out on your social media sites so your network on Twitter or Linkedin can tune into your writing. And maybe they will share your writing and others can see it as well.

Tell Me More!

So there are a lot more nuances with the aforementioned ideas above. And Amanda and Erik cover all of that in more in the Youtube video, so check it out! And best of luck to you on building your organic growth—and remember, patience is key!