Hit Subscribe Digest

Welcome to Hit Subscribe’s weekly digest post! When new posts from our authors pop on blogs, we’d like to start celebrating them and featuring their work here. So check out this week’s work below.

A Detailed Guide to PHP Debugging

In Phil Vuollet’s post, A Detailed Guide to PHP Debugging on Stackify’s blog, he explains PHP debugging so you can see some debugging techniques that apply to almost any programming language. And if you’re worried about the complexity of the subject, there are specifics that apply to the basics of PHP and explain fully integrated debugging techniques.

How Do You Debug a Unit Test in Visual Studio?

Debugging unit tests isn’t so different from debugging any code, as Phil Vuollet explains on NCrunch’s blog. You can debug a unit test in Visual Studio by following this simple guide. In the post, you can see how to create, run, and debug a unit test. It turns out it’s not much different from debugging any code!

C# Garbage Collection Tutorial

Carlos Schults tackles some interesting questions on C# Garbage Collection on Stackify’s blog. For instance, if you might think, “What can a C# developer do to ensure that C# garbage collection acts as a friend instead of a foe? How can you write code in such a way that you reap all the benefits of this tool without suffering from any of the issues it can cause?” Well if you’ve wondered about just how valuable it may be, then you should take a closer look at this post.

IT Environments–Top 5 Deployment Metrics

Christian Meléndez decides it’s time to talk about the “sister disciple” of deployment management. More specifically, he discusses the top five metrics one could use to better understand and optimize their operations and streamline application lead times and project delivery. Check out Enov8’s blog for more.

Master IE11 Developer Tools in 2019

Internet Explorer 11 is an updated version of the IE web browser developed by Microsoft. And if previous versions saw you move to other browsers, then this article by Alice Njenga will help you reconsider. The built-in developer tools in IE11 now make developing and debugging code in the browser a simple task. And Internet Explorer Developer Tools now include features similar to other developer-focused browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. So take a look at Raygun’s blog to find out exactly how you can master IE11 Developer Tools.

What Is Opentracing? Everything You Need to Get Started

As Mark Henke points out on Scalyr’s blog, It’s becoming more important than ever before to be able to see what’s going on inside requests as they span across multiple software services. Aiming to harness this importance, the OpenTracing initiative has sprung up to help developers avoid vendor lock-in. If you’re wondering what this means for developers, read more.

5 Ways You Might Be Failing at Software Doneness

Finally, there are times when you may think you’re done with your software, but Vlad Georgescu is letting you know that being done is harder than it sounds. On SubMain’s blog, he explains some of the balls developers need to juggle as they move software to a “done” state.