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Our authors have been shooting shots and racking up posts for this week. If you’re curious to see what they’ve been writing about, look no further than our weekly digest below.

PHP Stack Trace: Understanding It and Using It to Debug

If you’ve spent any amount of time writing code, you’ll know that debugging is a vital part of the process. Knowing this, it’s wise to expand the tools in your debugging toolbox. When you add new tools and review well-used ones, you can make debugging quicker and more satisfying. Kevin Cunningham is here to cover one such tool: the stack trace. Read more about it on Scalyr’s blog.

Software Testing Anti Patterns

Since the dawn of computers, we’ve always had to test software. Over the course of several decades, the discipline of software testing has seen many best practices and patterns. Unfortunately, there are also several anti-patterns that are present in many companies. Find out more about these anti-patterns from Peter Morlion on Enov8’s blog.

The 8 CI/CD Tools You Need to Know About in 2019

In 2019, one part of a successful development team is having a solid CI/CD pipeline. Now, every pipeline will have a unique set of outcomes and needs—which means that you’ll need a strong set of tools to help you accomplish your goals. This blog post from Erik Lindblom on Raygun’s blog will help identify some of the tools out there that can help you make your pipeline great.

Docker Build: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Docker Images

Docker has changed the way we build, package, and deploy applications. But this concept of packaging apps in containers isn’t new—it was in existence long before Docker. But it can be overwhelming at first. You could find yourself needing to glean information here and there to build that Docker image you’ve always wanted to build. Samuel James can tell you how to do so on Stackify’s blog.

Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes: A Helpful Guide for Picking One

Docker and Kubernetes have taken the software world by storm. DevOps, containers, and container management are at the center of most conversations about what’s relevant to technology. So if you have difficulty in staying up to date regarding modern tooling and infrastructure, you’re not alone. Dave Rael can help you on Stackify’s blog.

Understanding the Andon Cord as the Key to Lean Operations

Enhanced productivity with a skyrocketing revenue! Isn’t it every business owner’s dream? Even though that’s the goal of every firm, not all businesses are fortunate enough to achieve it. But if you know about a certain practice, you can take your firm to the next level. Learn more on Plutora’s blog from Arnab Chowdhury.

Getting Started Quickly With Ruby Logging

We also updated a post recently on Ruby logging. In the post, Carlos Schults will be teaching you how to get up and running with logging using the Ruby programming language. So if you’d like to learn how to start quickly with Ruby, head over to Scalyr’s blog.