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Another Wednesday is here, and so is another digest from us. Hopefully the rest of your week is as short and sweet as our updates are.

How to Use Python Profilers: Learn the Basics

Serious software development calls for performance optimization. And when you start optimizing application performance, you can’t escape looking at profilers. Whether monitoring production servers or tracking frequency and duration of method calls, profilers run the gamut. So if you’d like to find out more about Python profiling, check out Stackify’s blog for more from TJ Simmons.

Self-Healing Applications: An IT and Test Environment Perspective

Traditionally, test environments have been difficult to manage. But why is that a problem? Well, although testing and test management play a crucial role in delivering software, they often get less attention than the software development process or production support. Fortunately, Sylvia Fronczak explains a solution for your test environment management woes on Enov8’s blog.

Rapid Application Development: What It Is and What’s Next

As an IT leader, you need to know how rapid application development can help de-risk your IT projects. So if you want to learn what it really means away from the buzzwords, check out Plutora’s blog and hear more from TJ Simmons.

Why Your Digital Transformation Is Failing

Why are digital transformations still difficult to achieve after all this time for companies? And how can you improve your chances for success? If you want to know the answers to these questions, Sylvia Fronczak takes a look at why some digital transformations fail to live up to their potential on ASPE’s blog.

Zipkin Tutorial: Get Started Easily With Distributed Tracing

Finally, Christian Meléndez explains what Zipkin is and why it matters in a microservices or a distributed system architecture. So if you’re curious about that, head over to Scalyr’s blog.