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Test Data Is Critical: How to Best Generate, Manage, and Use It

When it comes to testing, data is king! In an increasingly digitized world, data is becoming more important for many businesses. However, many people aren’t aware that data plays an important role in testing. Why? Because the best way to test your application is with real data. And the best type of data to use is test data. Find out more about it from Michiel Mulders on Testim’s blog. 

Everything You Need to Understand About Functional Tests

Functional testing happens when you define test cases and then validate them with test data. Every test case definition verifies whether the test output matches the expected output. It’s important to know that functional testing verifies both invalid and valid input so you can be sure you’re covering all possible scenarios. And Michiel Mulders can fill you in on Testim’s blog. 

Is Jasmine BDD or TDD? Here’s What You Need to Know

There are plenty of opinions about software testing, but what exactly is it? First and foremost, it’s a process that’s designed to assure quality and verify that your application performs as expected. And software testing isn’t exclusive to just one language or framework. And Bruce Park can inform you about software testing with Jasmine. Even more specifically, you can learn the answer to whether Jasmine is BDD or TDD on Testim’s blog. 

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Top 10 Best Practice

Do you know what the key to a successful website is? Well, you’re probably going to say that it’s quality coding. However, today, there’s one more aspect that we should consider. That’s reliability. There are several SRE practices at play in making a site reliable. And if a site is reliable, it’s successful. So if you’d like to find out how to make successful websites, look no further than Arnab Roy Chowdhury’s post on Enov8’s blog. 

How to Run Security Testing Sessions

There was a time when applications were built just to complete the task they were required for. But these days, developers often need to focus just as much on how secure the application is. If you’ve written code, it’s likely that you’ve been asked to check for the most common security loopholes and fix them. So how can you increase awareness of security and implement useful, practical, effective solutions? Omkar Hiremath can help you on Sqreen’s blog. 

Web Application Testing: A 6-Step Guide

Almost every business today runs online. The internet is one of the easiest avenues for businesses to reach users, and websites are a great way to impress your customers. So, when you’re building a web application for your business, it’s important that you make it the best version it can be. To make sure that your web application is good enough to impress customers and avoid any negative impact, you have to test your application and fix any issues. And Omkar Hiremath can help you learn how to test your application on Stackify’s blog. 

How to Check Website Logs

Have you ever looked at your website logs and realized they don’t make sense to you? Maybe your log levels have been abused, and now every log categorizes as “Error.” Or your logs fail to give clear information on what went wrong, or they reveal sensitive information that hackers may harvest. Fixing these problems is possible! Michiel Mulders can help you out on Stackify’s blog. 

This post on Scalyr’s blog gives you an introduction to recommended practices, tools, patterns, and strategies for logging in Kubernetes. You’ll learn that instrumenting your application to emit logs is not going to be enough. By default, Kubernetes emits a lot of logs from all its components, so you’ll have a lot of information. You’ll have to know where to look and how to manage all of those logs. Find out more from Christian Meléndez.

Load Testing vs. Performance Testing vs. Stress Testing

Just conducting one type of testing is generally not enough. For example, let’s say you decide to perform unit testing only. However, unit tests only verify business logic. Many other types of tests exist to verify the integration between components, such as integration tests. But what if you want to measure the maximum performance of your application? Or what if you want to know how the application behaves under extreme stress? Michiel Mulders is here to tell you about testing for that on Stackify’s blog. 

C# Exception Handling Best Practices

We also updated a post on C# this week. In modern languages like C#, “problems” are typically modeled using exceptions. Jeff Atwood (of StackOverflow fame) once called exceptions “the bread and butter of modern programming languages.” That should give you an idea of how important this construct is. Unfortunately, the management of errors and other problems in the code is one of the most neglected topics in the education of new software developers. So find out more about how to change that on Stackify’s blog.