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Most of the time, people are working for the weekend. But you? Maybe you’re just working to Wednesday when you get to catch up with our authors. Hear more from them in our digest below.

Building a Pragmatic, Lightweight Code Review Checklist

A good code review can feel like magic. But how do you get there? One way to improve your code reviews consistently is to create a code review checklist that you run through every time you review code. Eric Boersma can break down the core parts of a pragmatic, lightweight code review checklist that you can use with your team. Read more on SubMain’s blog.

What Is Spring Boot?

Spring Boot is an open-source micro framework maintained by a company called Pivotal. With it, developers can get started quickly without losing time on preparing and configuring their Spring application. So if you’re curious about details, Michiel Mulders can guide you through understanding Spring Boot. Check it out on Stackify’s blog.

An Introduction to Apache Kafka

In 2016, RedMonk described the “rise and rise” of a powerful asynchronous messaging technology called Apache Kafka. Now—more than three years later—Apache Kafka is still on the rise as a very popular distributed messaging system. And the Big Data industry grows daily and needs tools that can process enormous volumes of data. That’s why you need to know about Apache Kafka. So don’t worry, Michel Mulders can fill you in on ASPE’s blog.

AWS Lambda Tutorial: A Guide to Creating Your First Function

AWS Lambda is one of the leading serverless architectures in the cloud today. It was first-to-market among the major cloud vendors, offers the most competitive pricing, and is employed by Netflix, one of the largest cloud service providers in existence. So if you’d like to find out more, Eric Goebelbecker can give you a tutorial on Scalyr’s blog.

Using Ansible for Configuration Management

Ansible is a powerful configuration management tool for deploying software and administering remote systems that you can integrate into any existing architecture. Ansible’s maintainers describe it as a radically simple IT automation engine. They’re not wrong. If you head over to Sensu’s blog, Eric Goebelbecker can help you figure out how you can use it for configuration management. Read more here.

What are Microservices? Code Examples, Best Practices, Tutorials and More

Also, we updated a few blog posts this week, like one on microservices. Microservices are increasingly used in the development world as developers work to create larger, more complex applications that are better developed and managed. So if you’d like to find out more, head over to Stackify’s blog.

Get Started Quickly With Python Logging

We updated another post on Python logging. And even if you’ve already read the previous articles, this post is worth a read. It will cover new ground, like the basics around application logging in Python and a few other things, such as Configuring the logging module, what to log and why, the security implications of logging. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading, and you can start a simple project.