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For this week’s digest, our authors have taken a deep dive into any and every topic under the sun. So if you’re sitting inside in the cold and you want something to brighten your day, or at least entertain you for a moment while you warm up, read more below.

Transforming Culture With Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Starting off, Sylvia Fronczak discusses SRE. In addition to driving change in processes, SRE drives change in culture as well. It embraces risk, talks about hard problems, and learns from failure without letting egos get in the way. And how does that sort of culture work? Let’s take a look on ASPE’s blog.

Logging Levels 101

If you’re a software developer, like the author of the post, Carlos Schults, then you understand how vital application logging is in software development and a critical part of logging is something called logging levels. Want to hear more? Then head over to Stackify’s blog.

How to Unit Test Multithreaded C#

From time to time, we’ve all had to unit test some multithreaded code. But don’t you want to know about a better way to do it? Sylvia Fronczak covers a few ways to handle multithreaded code on NCrunch’s blog. So if you want to think about it in a different way, read more here.

CodeIt.Right Rules Explained, Part 22

Welcome back to another CodeIt.Right Rules Explained post in the infamous series, which you can check out on Submain’s blog. Throughout the series, we’ve been explaining these rules, always three at a time. Hear more about the three for this week from Carlos Schults.