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Wondering what the weekly recap is from Hit Subscribe? Then read on to hear what our authors have been covering in this week’s digest.

C# Operators: A Detailed Guide to All Of Them

Do you like obscure references? How about when they’re embedded in a post about C# operators? Then you should read more from Phil Vuollet on the C# operators from SubMain’s blog.

Shadow IT: Learn From It to Get It Under Control

What’s shadow IT? Well, most of the time, it comes from employees in other departments who create shadow IT to help solve existing problems. So if you want to know how it’s developed and explore some ways to control it successfully, check out Vlad Georgescu’s article from Plutora.

Getting Started Quickly With iOS Logging

Up next in our getting started quickly series is logging on iOS. If you’d like to learn how to use Apple’s Unified Logger in your iOS application, Eric Goebelbecker can fill you in on Scalyr’s blog.

PHP Debugging Tips

Anyone developing software will sooner or later want to debug their code. Developing with PHP is no different. That’s why Peter Morlion gives you a look at PHP debugging and also provides some tips and tricks on Stackify’s blog.

Delivering at Scale, Why SAFe Is Essential for Agile Teams

Maybe your organization is in the midst of an agile transformation. You know that agile is the way to go, and you’re looking forward to, or maybe already reaping, some of the benefits. But maybe you’re skeptical about adopting SAFe and the agile release train. Overcome those worries by reading more from Eric Goebelbecker on Enov8’s blog.

JBoss Performance Monitoring: The Complete Guide

Ensuring your apps work as designed and deliver a productive user experience starts with monitoring applications metrics. This helps you understand whether your software is performing at optimal levels. And to do so, many developers use JBoss. Want to find out more? Go to Stackify’s blog to learn more from Justin Reynolds.