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We’re celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday by giving you some light and comprehensive reading instead. Check out our digest from our authors this week below—they’re shorter and easier to read than a Shakespeare play. Brevity is the soul of wit for us. Read on.

Using a Burndown Chart for Effective Project Forecasting

Agile can come with a lot of confusing words and concepts. We sometimes find ourselves surrounded by odd-sounding words like story points, velocity, WIP, Kanban, and burndown. If you want to learn how to use the burndown chart to help manage software projects and deliver quality work, read more on Plutora’s blog from Lou Bichard.

Containers as a Service: A Complete Guide to Understanding

Getting new features out to customers faster is an ongoing struggle for any company. But there are a lot of tools and steps out there that can be overwhelming. How can you best take advantage of tools such as cloud deployments and containers? Containers as a service (CaaS) can bring a good balance of speed and control to your deployments. Eric Olsson tells you more on Scalyr’s blog.

DevOps Anti-Patterns

It’s the normal case with software buzzwords that people focus so much on what something is that they forget what it is not. DevOps is no exception. To truly embrace DevOps and cherish what it is, it’s important to comprehend what it isn’t. Want to learn about some DevOps anti-patterns? Then head over to Enov8’s blog where Mark Robinson explains this.