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Are you getting used to hearing from us? Well, don’t worry, because you can check in on our authors and their work every Wednesday. We’re back with another digest!

Serverless Explained

Serverless computing is a hot topic. How can you use it to improve your IT infrastructure? How will it change how you test and deploy your apps? Eric Goebelbecker gives you the answers to all of your serverless questions on Enov8’s blog.

C# Comments: A Complete Guide, Including Examples

While you may think C# comments are trivial, Carlos Schults tries to convince you otherwise on SubMain’s blog. So if you want to hear about the common justifications and how to use C# comments in practice, check it out.

JavaScript Logging Basic Tips

Building complex JavaScript applications can be much easier when you use JavaScript’s powerful built-in logging functionality. Gaege Root tells you how to get started if you check out Stackify.

The 12 Agile Principles: What Are They and Do They Still Matter?

Peter Morlion revisits the 12 Agile Principles for us. If you want to hear about what they mean, and assess whether they still matter, Plutora’s blog is the place to go.

Log4net Configuration: Logging Exactly the Way You Want It

If you’re wondering what log4net is and how you would use it, then Scalyr has more information for you. Phil Vuollet can walk you through the options and give you a concise reference so you can do logging exactly the way you want to.

What Does Certificate Pinning Mean?

Finally, Sylvia Fronczak explains certificate pinning on Carve System‘s blog. And this could be helpful to learn about,  considering certificate pinning currently tops the list of ways to make your application traffic secure.