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Since April Fools’ Day has passed, we’re not going to pull any pranks on you in this post. But April showers or not, you can still get this week’s digest from our authors.

Top 5 Container Metrics

Christian Meléndez goes into detail about the top container metrics you’ll want to look at before going deeper when troubleshooting. If you’d like to take a look at the top metrics when working with containers, head over to Enov8’s blog.

Node.js vs Python for a Beginner’s Web App

Python and Node.js are both excellent tools for building web apps. As a new developer, find out how to choose between the two from Eric Boersma on Stackify’s blog.

How to Host PHP on Windows With IIS

Running PHP on IIS might not seem a logical choice, but for some organizations, it can make sense. Luckily, getting PHP to run on IIS isn’t very hard, and gives you access to all the great PHP work that this community has produced, so if you’re curious, hear more from Peter Morlion on Stackify’s blog.

Visual Studio Comment Shortcuts: Make Yourself More Efficient

How do you comment efficiently in Visual Studio? Is it Ctrl + / or Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C? It can be whatever you want! But there’s a bit more magic to it than the shortcut alone. Find out more from Phil Vuollet on Submain’s blog.

Configuration Management: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

What is configuration management and why does it matter? What tools are available? Where do you start? Lou Bichard answers these questions and more on Plutora’s blog.

Getting Started Quickly With React Logging

React, also known as React.js or React JS, is a popular front-end development library for creating user interfaces. If you’re curious about React, Delila Lee covers more on Scalyr’s blog.