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How to Live Tail Docker Logs

Every container produces logs with valuable information. A log is basically data written by the container to STDOUT or STDERR. However, if you run a container in detached mode, you can’t see the logs in your console because detached mode refers to running a container in the background of your terminal. Therefore, you won’t see any logging or other output from your Docker container. To display these valuable logs, you can use a range of Docker log commands. And in this article from Michiel Mulders, you’ll learn how to display Docker logs. Check out more on Solarwinds’ blog. 

PHP Logging Tips

Logging is vital for any modern software team, and it’s essential to get it right. A poorly-implemented logging strategy could cause you more headaches than it solves. In this article from Carlos Schults, you can learn more about PHP logging and the main best practices you should be aware of and adopt. Check it out on Solarwinds’ blog. 

Log Management Best Practices

You’d be hard-pressed to find a tech organization that doesn’t use logging. It’s a vital tool, particularly crucial for troubleshooting. So, most organizations will have logging, one way or the other. However, fewer organizations go the extra mile and turn their logging strategy into full-blown log management. Those few that do enjoy the benefits log management can provide. Find out more about log management best practices from Carlos Schults on DNS Stuff’s blog. 

SRE vs Disaster Recovery (Friends or Foe)

Every company needs a disaster recovery plan. This is just a simple fact of life. Your company needs to know how to recover when something breaks or you can’t get access to something you need. In larger, more advanced tech companies, disaster recovery sometimes bumps against environment management teams. This is the sort of thing that can lead to conflict between the teams. In moments like these, it can feel like disaster recovery and site reliability engineering are foes. In some companies, they stay that way. Learn how to avoid this from Eric Boersma on Enov8’s blog. 

How to Create a Robust Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan (BCP) helps companies restart their business operations quickly through a systematic plan of prevention and recovery when hit by a disaster. Businesses conceive a plan in advance to ensure that in the event of a disaster, their employees, assets, and most importantly, their IT operations are protected and the business can recover quickly. Learn how to create a robust continuity plan from Michiel Mulders on Plutora’s blog. 

Some Great Open-Source Security Tools You Should Know

As the number of web applications grows and the digital world becomes more advanced, so also have hacking activities become more sophisticated. To keep up with all those hacking activities, many new security tools have been developed to help organizations detect vulnerabilities before hackers do. Often, those tools are fairly expensive. This discourages many organizations who are on a tighter budget from investing in security tools. Luckily, the open-source (OS) community can help us. Find out more from Michiel Mulders on Sqreen’s blog. 

Can Kubernetes Keep a Secret?

Every application uses secrets to function. These secrets include usernames and passwords, API keys, and other similar private keys. Applications running inside Kubernetes are no exception. Unfortunately, Kubernetes has a reputation for not being able to keep a secret. Is that reputation valid? Find out the answer from Daniel Longest on Sonatype’s blog.

Publishers are producing massive amounts of data daily. We as consumers are always looking for pieces that match our needs. Apache Kafka is a service in the middle of this ecosystem, helping us access the data relevant to us in a manner that doesn’t clog the networks. This Kafka tutorial will take you through an introduction to the service. Learn more from Taurai Mutimutema on Scalyr’s blog.