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Software’s Total Cost of Ownership—What to Factor In

When companies buy proprietary software, subscribe to SaaS services, or commission an agency or internal team of developers to create software, it’s not always easy to figure out how much money they’re spending. When it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO), the check they write doesn’t tell the whole story. Whenever an organization is making a decision about software, it is imperative to consider TCO. Otherwise, they may end up biting off more than they can chew. Find out more about TCO from Justin Reynolds on Testim’s blog.

Angular Component Testing: A Detailed How-To With Examples

Angular component testing can be done manually by running the application yourself and checking to see if a component’s behavior is working as expected. But as web applications get larger and more complex, manually testing your components, consequently, becomes more time-consuming. In reality, this isn’t practical, so ultimately we’ll need to find a better solution for Angular component testing. And Jonathan Dauz is here to help you with that on Testim’s blog.

What Is the Difference Between Protractor and Jasmine?

In this automation age, JavaScript is a developer-only language no more. With new technologies like Angular and React, JavaScript testing frameworks are in the limelight. But which framework to use? There are so many options that the testers have lost count. Obviously, the confusion is natural. But worry not. If you’re into Angular, Arnab Roy Chowdhury will help reduce the confusion a bit. Check it out on Testim’s blog. 

How to Run Security Testing Sessions

There was a time when applications were built just to complete the task they were required for. But these days, developers often need to focus just as much on how secure the application is. If you’ve written code, it’s likely that you’ve been asked to check for the most common security loopholes and fix them. So how can you increase awareness of security and implement useful, practical, effective solutions? Find out more from Omkar Hiremath on Sqreen’s blog. 

What Is Syslog? Everything You Need to Know

Syslog handles a very important task—collecting events—and is present in almost all systems and peripherals out there. It’s the standard used to collect events in an ever-growing number of devices. Find out more about Syslog from Guillermo Salazaron XPLG’s blog.

Web Application Testing: A 6-Step Guide

Almost every business today runs online. So, when you’re building a web application for your business, it’s important that you make it the best version it can be. To make sure that your web application is good enough to impress customers and avoid any negative impact, you have to test your application and fix any issues. And if you head over to Stackify’s blog, you can about the six steps to test your web application from Omkar Hiremath.

PHP vs Python: Is There a Clear Choice in 2020?

There are dozens of great languages to learn. And in this post, Eric Boersma will be breaking down the differences between two of the best: PHP vs Python. Which one is best for your application? Which is going to give you the best return on your development time? Learn more on Stackify’s blog.