Apples lined up for school

School may be back in session and that may mean that you or those around you have to shed the lazy summer energy you’ve had. But you can still take a break here and there in your day to catch up with our authors. Learn more in this week’s digest below.

What Is a Test Automation Tool? Definition and How to Choose

Are you familiar with the term “test automation tool?” If you’re not, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Modern software development relies heavily on automation, on all fronts, from analyzing source code looking for mistakes to testing to the already mentioned build, packaging and deploy process. That’s the scenario where a test automation tool becomes relevant. So if you want to learn more about test automation, look no further than Testim’s blog where Carlos Schults can fill you in.

What to Look for in a C# Documentation Generator

“Everything automatable will eventually be automated.” Have you heard that saying? I’d prefer to tweak it a little bit and say that everything automatable should be automated. And on SubMain’s blog, automation is a key focus. So if you’re curious to learn more about automating, with a focus on documentation generation, Carlos Schults can help you out here.

Scrum Testing: A Detailed Guide to Testing on an Agile Team

In today’s advancing and fast-paced world, high-speed implementation is a must. This applies to all products and services. Saving time and resources and streamlining the entire software development lifecycle is important. That’s why most companies are opting for testing on an agile team. And if you want to dig a little deeper to understand what this means, Arnab Roy Chowdhury can help you out on Testim’s blog.

Getting Started Quickly With Powershell Logging

PowerShell is a scripting language, while the others can be seen as full application programming languages or frameworks. Yet PowerShell is so sufficiently powerful that it can create systems complex and important enough to warrant logging. If you’d like to learn more about PowerShell, Peter Morlion can cover the bases for you on Scalyr’s blog.

A Look At 5 of the Most Popular Programming Languages of 2019

We also updated a few posts this week. If you’re a software developer, then you probably—every now and then—feel overwhelmed by the super-fast pace at which our industry evolves, and that’s fine. I certainly feel that way sometimes, especially when trying to keep up with the latest trends. Sure, there are lots of programming languages. Do you need to learn all of them? Of course not. That’s why you can learn about the five you should know on Stackify’s blog.

What Is a Site Reliability Engineer? Should You Become One?

Although site reliability engineering has been around for a while, it has only recently gained fame in general software circles. But there are still a lot of questions as to what a site reliability engineer (SRE) is and does. SREs combine all these skills and ensure that complex distributed systems run smoothly. So how do they do all this? Sylvia Fronczak can tell you on Scalyr’s blog.

DateTime.Now: Usage, Examples, Best Practices, and Pitfalls

For many developers, their first experience handling time in C# is by using DateTime.Now. So Carlos Schults helps to fill you in on SubMain’s blog about what DateTime.Now is the basics of its use. Then you can go a bit deeper by learning some more advanced usage scenarios (i.e. output formatting), covering the best practices you should employ, and also the pitfalls you must be aware of when working with this property.