That’s right, spring is finally here. So while you’re waiting for flowers to bloom and the rain to clear up, why not read some posts from our authors in our weekly digest below.

Regression Test Plan: A Checklist for Quality Assurance

Not only do we need to test things in cooking and other daily activities, but we also need regression testing when we’re developing software. We all know what testing means in the software industry. Testing is checking whether a specific feature or the entire application is working as expected or not. But what is regression testing? Arnab Roy Chowdhury can explain in this post on Tesim’s blog. 

QAOps: What It Is and Why It Matters

When people from development teams and operation teams first started collaborating, someone must have said, “Why not have QA and Ops collaborate too?” That’s what lead to the emergence of QAOps. And Omkar Hiremath can fill you in on all this on Testim’s blog. 

10 Best DevOps Certifications in 2020 Ranked

Certifications are a great way to show industry knowledge of specific tools but also display your commitment and passion for the subject. Besides sharing valuable knowledge, DevOps certification is a great way to onboard new developers and businesses to their platform. But why should you participate in exams to receive certifications? Let’s first understand the importance of DevOps certifications before diving into the top 10. Find out more from Michiel Mulders on Stackify’s blog. 

Nothing in this world is 100% foolproof. Believe it or not, you can’t build something that never fails! But even though you know this, you might still find yourself striving for perfection. Why? After all, full reliability is usually out of reach. Even if you want your business to have the highest reliability. That’s where the error budget comes in. Learn more from Arnab Roy Chowdhury on Scalyr’s blog.

Cloud Strategy: Two Overlooked Challenges of SaaS Adoption

Welcome to your cloud strategy boot camp! Cloud computing is hot today, and for good reason. It offers a world where digital experiences wow customers in ways that haven’t been possible before. A successful journey to the cloud begins by linking a company’s vision and business strategy to the benefits offered by cloud computing while at the same time controlling risk. Interestingly, the benefits can actually work against you if you don’t analyze thoughtfully. Learn all about cloud strategy from Daniel Longest on ASPE’s blog.

How to Upskill Your DevOps

There are plenty of skills that are important to have if you want high-performing DevOps in your enterprise. To help us know what to those are, the DevOps Institute (DOI), and Jayne Groll, co-founder and CEO (@JayneGroll), are here to help. Here are insights from her All Day DevOps ’19 presentation, Upskilling DevOps. Mark Henke can fill you in on this on Sonatype’s blog.