A new world

We all know the world is confusing and weird right now. But hopefully, we can give your mind a brief break from all of the news and worry. Let our authors distract you with some posts they’ve recently written.

Test Metrics: The 4 That Are Critical to Your QA Health

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Have you ever heard that saying? What does that quote mean? Put shortly, you can’t know if a given process is improving if you don’t capture data about it. Think of a sprinter training for the Olympic Games. How are they supposed to know whether their time is improving if their trainer doesn’t carefully write it down? Well, metrics aren’t just essential for professional sports—or business management, for that matter. The software industry also relies heavily on them. Find out more about metrics from Carlos Schults on Testim’s blog. 

The Importance of Having a Test Automation Platform

One of the things that human beings have consistently done, right from the time of our existence, is making things easy. Automation is one such thing. You see automation taking over in almost every industry. Cars are getting built automatically, and Siri in your iPhone helps you out with your tasks. It was no surprise that automation stepped into the software development domain as well. Learn more about automation from Omkar Hiremath on Testim’s blog. 

What Is RegTech? A Regulatory Compliance and Technology Guide

The world would be in chaos without order and discipline. No matter how big or small a company is, it has to follow a set of rules and regulations specific to it to maintain order. The main purpose of following regulations is to prevent the company from harm and to ensure that the company behaves in a fair manner
Companies take internal and federal regulations seriously, but there are a lot of implementation challenges. To make this process easy, RegTech was introduced. Find out more about RegTech from Omkar Hiremath on Plutora’s blog. 

What Is End User Monitoring?

For any business to succeed, it’s important for it to reach users effectively. Almost every business today is online and therefore reaches users through applications. If you run an online business, or if you are a part of such a business, it’s important for you to know what impact your application has on your users. One of the best ways for you to know what impact your application has on the user is through end-user monitoring. Find out about end-user monitoring from Omkar Hiremath on Stackify’s blog. 

Monitoring Microservices: A 5-Step Guide

Why is monitoring microservices so important? It’s because we work in a time where systems are complex, distributed across multiple microservices. In software, we’ve practiced monitoring one system at a time. When we need to look at a different system, we switch to a different screen or tool. But microservices are like instruments in a symphony. We need a way of looking at them together, seeing the music that they produce in one spot. Learn more about monitoring microservices from Mark Henke on Stackify’s blog. 

Why you should have a public security policy

It’s rough out there—hackers, threats, cyber warfare, and more! Everything is happening at the same time, and it feels like cybersecurity awareness is in everybody’s crosshairs. We all know we should improve our security, but figuring out how to prioritize it is a challenge for all of us. Learn more about why you should have a security policy from Guillermo Salazar on Sqreen’s blog. 

Automated Testing Tools for 2020: The 9 Essential Ones

We also updated a post recently. Let’s talk about automated testing tools. Are they valuable? While some people seem to think of them as a mere accessory, that couldn’t be further from the truth. To remain competitive in such a fast-evolving landscape, companies around the world must make use of automation, which includes having a sound automated testing strategy in place. And you can dive into this on Testim’s blog.