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Perhaps you’re just getting home from work or something and you’re drained! Or maybe you’re just feeling like relaxing and sitting down to take it slow for a moment. With your mind at ease for a moment, why not check out what our authors have covered this week’s digest.

5 Red Flags DevOps Is Failing

Ever since the agile manifesto was published in 2001, software development has never been the same. Over the last two decades, the agile approach to development has led to the emergence and proliferation of DevOps teams. And while there are many benefits of DevOps, there are also major reasons why DevOps initiatives can fail, so if you’d like to find out about the five red flags that you should avoid, head over to Enov8’s blog to hear more from Justin Reynolds.

RVM: How to Get Started and Manage Your Ruby Installations

It’s the night before a big deadline, and just before you press the button to deploy, you notice a small but important bug! You open a terminal, type in the command to run the code—and all you see is a page of errors. That’s the worst, right? Well, Ruby Version Manager (RVM) attempts to solve this problem. Want to find out more? Peter Grainger can answer your questions on Stackify’s blog.

Install Ruby on Your Mac: Everything You Need to Get Going

On Stackify’s blog, Chris Tobolksi shows you how to install Ruby on your Mac. Along the way, you can learn about the steps involved and various bits of knowledge required to get up and going. So if you’re totally new, don’t worry! And if you’re an expert, this may still be really useful for you! Read more here.

5 Reasons IT Service Management is Failing

Today’s IT organizations are busier than ever. They process more data, employ more people, and empower more businesses than at any other time in history. Because of this, Many organizations turn to ITIL and IT service management to provide structure to their IT organization. While ITIL is a terrific framework for managing IT organizations, it’s not a silver bullet. Find out five red flags from Eric Boersma on Test Environment Management (dot) Com’s blog.

Lean Software Development and the 7 Principles That Drive It

A primary goal of software development teams is delivering valuable features and products as quickly and effectively as possible. One way they can optimize how quickly they deliver software is by leveraging methodologies such as lean. Want to find out more? Head over to Plutora’s blog to read more from Lou Bichard.

Controllability Is Important in Your Production Systems

Controllability is a corollary concept related to observability from the control systems theory. Nowadays, people talk a lot about observability in operations and production systems. But these terms have been applied to software testing for a few years now. By taking a look at the concept of the term in the context of production systems and how it relates to observability, Christian Meléndez has found that it’s interesting to write about the practices behind controllability. So if you’d like to take a deeper dive into controllability, check out Scalyr’s blog.

Log Appender: What Is It and Why Would You Use It?

Also this week, we updated a post from Scalyr’s blog on the log appender. If you’re not familiar with application logging, maybe you’re a little confused when you hear the term “log appender.” Well, let’s demystify things a little.  Let’s learn what a log appender is and why you might want to use it. And who better to learn from than Erik Dietrich. Check it out here.