Spring Broken Object Level Authorization Guide: Examples and Prevention

If a malicious user gains access to functionality that only system administrators should have access to, there can be dire consequences. This post is about a specific type of vulnerability called broken object level authorization, or BOLA. This happens when an attacker gains access to API methods that should be restricted. Learn more from Alexander Fridman on Stackhawk’s blog.

Vue Broken Access Control Guide: Examples and Prevention

As our leverage grows as productive market members, so do the threats and liabilities we need to mitigate. Therefore, the expertise we need to acquire in order to minimize these threats keeps expanding. So, to help you keep things manageable, we’ve created a series of articles tackling the most common security threats and how to address them effectively. Our articles cover an extensive spectrum of subjects and technologies; no matter your technology of choice, we have an article for you. For this article, we’ll be exploring the topic of broken access control for Vue.js developers. Find out more from Juan Reyes on Stackhawk’s blog.

Test Scenarios vs. Test Cases: A Guide For QA Engineers

New techniques, tools, and processes seem to keep popping up almost every other day in the software testing field. This post will help you out on the vocabulary front by clarifying the “test scenario versus test case” dichotomy. As you’ll see, these two terms aren’t interchangeable, but they’re certainly related concepts that you need to understand. Check out this post from Carlos Schults on Testim’s blog.

How To Find Elements by Class in Selenium: A Practical Guide

Selenium is a popular browser automation tool. Using Selenium, you can automate almost every action a regular user can perform on a web browser. For example, with Selenium, you can write a small script that can open a webpage and then complete a form on the page. However, to carry out an operation like this, Selenium will first need a way to locate each element on the form. Selenium needs to find each input field first before it can enter text in them. Luckily, Selenium offers a few methods you can use to find elements. Learn more from Pius Aboyi on Testim’s blog.

Regression Testing Examples: A Practical Walk-Through

We also updated a post on regression testing examples on Testim’s blog. Here we are again in our never-ending quest to spread the word about automated testing. Today’s topic is one we’ve already covered, but with a different spin: regression testing. What is regression testing? Well, while the previous post was mainly about definitions—and we do recommend you check it out—we’ll offer a short version here nonetheless. Regression testing is a form of testing meant to prevent regressions. If you’ve been an engineer for a while, you’re probably somewhat familiar with the situation of fixing a bug only to see an old one return.