Apex Classes: Explained in Detail With an Example

Salesforce is the world’s most popular and most successful cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. You can use it to grow your business by better understanding your customers’ needs. One of the reasons for this success is considered to be Apex. Apex is an object-oriented programming language created by Salesforce that allows you to extend the platform’s already powerful functionality and create your own custom cloud-based software applications.Learn more about Apex classes in this post from Alex Doukas on Testim’s blog.

Cloud Migration Strategies: How to Get It Right

SaaS adoption continues to accelerate, with many companies opting to move their internal applications from on-premises data centers to public cloud environments. But while moving an application to the cloud may seem simple from the outset, it can be difficult to execute. Organizations often struggle to transition from traditional on-prem application architectures because they lack the planning and guidance necessary to navigate challenges and make strategic decisions. As such, it’s critical to have a comprehensive strategy in place before leaping into the cloud. Continue reading this post from Justin Reynolds on Plutora’s blog for a complete breakdown of why you need a cloud migration strategy and what you can do to ensure a successful transition to the cloud.

What Is the Software Testing Life Cycle? A Complete Guide

We also recently updated a post on the software testing life cycle. The software testing life cycle is the sequence of activities that happen during software testing. By employing a sane software testing life cycle, an organization ends up with a quality strategy more likely to produce better results. Why is this so important, though? It all boils down to customer satisfaction. Nothing puts off customers more than bug-filled user experience. So when enterprises realized this, they began to include testing as a mandatory part of the SDLC. Since then, testing has become an integral part of every organization. That’s where the software testing lifecycle comes into play: learn about it on Testim’s blog.