Selenium 4: What Developers Need to Know

A popular use case of Selenium is the testing of web applications. Selenium lets you test your web application without manually opening each page in a browser to verify the content and behavior of the page. Using Selenium involves writing small pieces of code scripts. Selenium supports many program languages, including JavaScript, Java, and Python. The first version of Selenium came out way back in 2005. In this post on Testim’s blog, Pius Aboyi discusses the latest version.

What Is DevOps Security? A Guide With Best Practices

By and large, more and more teams are shifting left and integrating security throughout all aspects of the software development process. As a result, DevOps security—or DevSecOps—is now a top need for companies heading into 2022 and beyond. Companies that can successfully merge DevSecOps into their operations can lower the time and cost of software development. At the same time, they can also create applications that have fewer bugs and vulnerabilities, driving user satisfaction and engagement along the way. This post from Justin Reynolds on Plutora’s blog serves as a basic guide to DevSecOps.