What Is Backlog Grooming and How Do You Do It?

Backlog grooming is a critical part of any agile software development lifecycle. Nearly every software team has much more work than they can do at any one time. So, along the way, they’ll need to figure out which items to work on next. Backlog grooming is a ceremony that agile teams undertake in order to determine which work they should focus on next. In this post, we’re going to dive into backlog grooming, what it is, and how to make sure your team sets up for success during your backlog grooming ceremonies. You can learn all about backlog grooming from Eric Boersma on Plutora’s blog.

GDPR Software: 11 Options to Help You Comply In 2022

Businesses today have an ever-growing list of privacy restrictions to deal with when collecting and managing data. One of the most notorious pieces of privacy legislation is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which became the law of the land in 2018 and carries stiff penalties for violators. Suffice it to say that GDPR compliance can be challenging. This is largely due to its size and scope as well as its evolving nature. In order to meet GDPR requirements, many organizations are turning to purpose-built software solutions that are designed to be GDPR-compliant out of the box. Get all of the details about the GDPR software from Justin Reynolds on DataOps’ blog. 

Automated Cross-Browser Testing Demystified

Here’s something you probably didn’t anticipate when joining software development as a younger software engineer: the amount of testing you’d be involved with. There are so many types of software testing that often just trying to keep up leaves you overwhelmed! Lucky for you, we’re here to help, covering automated cross-browser testing in this post. Find out more from Carlos Schults on Testim’s blog. 

Karma JS Testing: What, Why, and How to Get Going Right Now

We also updated a post on Karma JS testing. Automated testing is a must for any modern software development organization. That’s why you must know and master tools in that space if you have any hope of producing high-quality code. Fortunately, there is a huge variety of testing tools available. These tools cater to virtually every need of a comprehensive testing strategy. When it comes to tools used in Angular unit testing—or even vanilla JavaScript testing, for that matter—no tool is better known than Karma (sometimes also called “Karma JS.”) Learn more on Testim’s blog.