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Whether you’re running a server for an application or just your local machine, you want your computer running its best. That’s why you should make sure to monitor your computer’s CPU, disk, and memory usage. Monitoring things like memory usage and disk usage are actually pretty easy. But some questions are more complicated, especially when it comes to CPU metrics. Find out more from Eric Boersma on Scalyr’s blog. 

Top 10 security best practices for PHP

While developing a PHP web application, a web developer should also be concerned with security best practices. An insecure web application gives hackers the chance to steal valuable information, such as user data or credit card information. In addition, a data breach may have a drastic impact on the credibility and future operations of your organization. To strengthen your defense mechanisms, this article lists 10 important security best practices for PHP applications. Learn more from Michiel Mulders on Sqreen’s blog.

We also updated a post on distributed tracing recently. As you see technologies getting advanced every now and then, it’s worth thinking about where our industry is headed. There are many exciting and challenging developments ahead: blockchain scalability, functions as a service, databases as a service—the list goes on. We’re also moving more and more into an increasingly complex, distributed world. This means distributed tracing will become especially important. And distributed tracing is something that will make it easy for you to deal with complex systems. Find out more on Scalyr’s blog.