What Is an OKR? An Introductory Walkthrough With Examples

OKRs are one of those things that get thrown around in company chats to get people excited. Yet, when everyone gets the hang of them, things truly get interesting. OKR stands for “objectives and key results,” and contrary to what many people think, they aren’t just a way to structure your organizational goals. In this post, we’ll discuss what OKRs are and how you can start making use of them today in your organization. Check out the whole post from Boris Bambo on Plutora’s blog.

A Practical Guide to Video in React Native

Video is one of the most commonly consumed formats online, and in this tutorial we’re going to cover how to embed video in a React Native app. There are many libraries you can use to add video capabilities. We’re going to use the official expo-av library as it’s supported by the Expo team and is very stable. Learn more from Nabendu Biswas on Waldo’s blog.

WebDriverWait: When and How to Wait in Selenium Testing

We also updated a post this week. Selenium is a tool you can use to automate testing actions in a browser. Unsurprisingly, the main use case for Selenium is creating automated tests for web applications. And though there are different ways to use this technology, we’re here today to cover just one of them: Selenium WebDriver. Specifically, we’re covering one feature of WebDriver known as “WebDriverWait.” Learn all about it on Testim’s blog.