When, Why, and How to Normalize Data

In many cases, insights are hiding right below the surface. Oftentimes this is due to underlying database errors. Data typically funnels in from multiple systems and endpoints with varying structures and forms. This makes it hard to discover, analyze, and present information with any sense of urgency. One way to overcome this challenge is to normalize data before putting it into production. When you boil it down, normalization is one of the most important strategies that a business can use to increase the value and effectiveness of its data. It doesn’t apply to every scenario, but there are many cases where it’s required. Check out Justin Reynolds’ post on Plutora for a breakdown of what data normalization entails, when you should use it, why it’s important, and how to do it.

How to Implement Flutter Material Dialogs in Your App

Dialogs are found in all types of graphical user interfaces. A common example you have likely encountered is the “Open File” dialog, for example, in your web browser. As soon as it appears, all other functions are disabled and you must either select a file or cancel to go back. In mobile apps, we have dialogs for situations such as confirmation of a yes/no decision, selection of one item from a list, and even completion of an entire form. The Flutter framework provides a set of classes and functions that enable you to create these user interaction flows in your apps. In this article, you’ll learn about the Flutter dialog that follow the Material Design System principles; therefore, we’ll refer to these dialogs as Material dialogs. Find out more about Flutter material dialogs from Daliso Zuze on Waldo’s blog.

What Is Cross-Browser Testing? A Simple, Practical Guide

We also updated a post this week on cross-browser testing. Testing is crucial for web applications: when the competition is but a few clicks away, you really don’t want to annoy your customers. You certainly want to ensure your web app look and behaves as expected regardless of your customer’s choice of browser. That’s where cross-browser testing comes in handy. Find out more on Testim’s blog.