NodeJS Open Redirect Guide: Examples and Prevention

One of the fundamental components of the Internet is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). URLs let us seamlessly link together documents and websites from all across the Internet. It’s essentially the digital version of a postal address, letting us humans remember resource locations without having to remember complicated IP addresses. Now imagine if there was a vulnerability that exploited the convenience of linked resources. In this post, you’ll learn about the open redirect security vulnerability and how it can affect your Node.js application. Learn more from John Pereira on Stackhawk’s blog.

9 Most Useful BigQuery SQL Functions for Efficency

Google BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse solution that aims to be cost-effective and highly scalable, allowing businesses to analyze large amounts of data with speed and efficiency. It also comes with some very useful SQL functions that make handling common business cases much more painless. In this post from Carlos Schults, he can walk you through a non-exhaustive list of nifty and helpful BigQuery SQL functions you should try. Check it out on Panoply’s blog. 

The Analyst’s Guide to Google Analytics 4

Google released Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in October 2020 in an effort to improve upon the previous generation called Universal Analytics (UA). The update to GA4 provides some new analysis features like the ability to find advertising work tools and the ability to group users into cohorts for monitoring. I’ll discuss some of these new features in greater detail later in the post. If your organization is switching to GA4, you might wonder how this will impact your data. In addition, you might think of how this will change your reporting and how you can prepare for this switch. Get the answers to your questions about the subject from Temilade Adefioye Aina on Panoply’s blog. 

React Native vs. Swift: An In-Depth Comparison

Are you looking to build an iOS app in 2021? There are so many tools to choose from. React Native and Swift are up there in the list of the top tools. Hence, it makes sense to have an in-depth knowledge of what each tool offers. A good way to do this is to compare both tools against each other. Compare and contrast the two in this post from Pius Aboyi on Waldo’s blog.

Product Lifecycle Management: A Detailed Guide

To make a software product that withstands the test of time, you need to support it every step of the way. The best software solutions don’t happen by accident. They require ongoing maintenance and long-term vision instead. This is especially critical when it comes to building a solid product with a competitive long-term outlook. One of the best examples is Microsoft Word. Despite launching back in 1989, Word remains one of the most popular word processing solutions on the market today. In large part, this is due to Microsoft’s effective approach to product lifecycle management (PLM). Get filled in by Justin Reynolds about PLM on Plutora’s blog. 

What Is ETL? Understand ‘Extract, Transform, Load’ in Depth

Think about how an airport processes passengers. People enter the building, go through security checkpoints, and then wait in a central holding area until they fly out to various destinations across the world. The exchange, transfer, load (ETL) process for transforming data works the same way. Using ETL, a business first extracts data from many different sources. Once that’s done, it transforms the data through a staging process, loads it into a warehouse, and eventually ships it out for analysis. Find out more about ETL from Justin Reynolds on Plutora’s blog.

JSDOM: How to Get Started

We also updated a post on JSDOM this week. JSDOM is a library that parses and interacts with assembled HTML just like a browser. The benefit is that it isn’t actually a browser. Instead, it implements web standards as browsers do. You can feed it some HTML, and it will parse that HTML. Then, you can inspect or modify that HTML in-memory using the normal JavaScript DOM API. Learn more about JSDOM on Testim’s blog.