A Leader’s Guide to Enterprise Application Integration

Today’s software development companies have more reasons for enterprise application integration than ever before. In fact, not having a consolidated layout of applications could actually work to your disadvantage. To start with, more tools are available (and in use) along any software value delivery chain than previously fathomable. There are enough to cause confusion if left untethered. This post introduces IT leadership to enterprise application integration from a solutions perspective. Learn more from Taurai Mutimutema on Plutora’s blog. 

Jasmine JS: Start Testing From-Scratch

We also updated a couple of posts this week.
Although the benefits of having automated tests are well known, setting up any new test framework can be bewildering and time-consuming. If you’re writing JavaScript, a language that lies somewhere in the middle between object-oriented and functional programming, understanding what to test can be hard too. This tutorial will explain the basics of testing with Jasmine JS and get you started writing tests before you can say “console log hello world!” Find out more on Testim’s blog.

PowerShell is a scripting language, while the others can be seen as full application programming languages or frameworks. Yet PowerShell is so sufficiently powerful that it can create systems complex and important enough to warrant logging. PowerShell is often used to perform critical maintenance tasks on computers or servers. It’s important for admins to know how if these scripts ran well or not. Learn all about PowerShell logging on Scalyr’s blog.