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SQL Versus NOSQL: What is the Difference?

SQL vs. NoSQL? Which database architecture should you use for your next project? Which one is the “best”? Some argue that one is always better than the other. But they are very different technologies that solve different problems. Take a look at them and see where they differ and where they overlap in this post from Eric Goebelbecker on DataOps’ blog.

The Different Types of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities in web applications. It is a client-side script injection technique that attackers can use to steal information or send malicious requests to a server. There’s no fixed way of executing an XSS attack — it all depends on how an application was built and the creativity of attackers. This makes it difficult for organizations to set up complete protection against such attacks. But before you set up a defense, you need to understand how the attack works. This blog post looks at different types of XSS attacks and how they work. Find out more from Omkar Hiremath on Sqreen’s blog.

Quick Guide to Searching and Filtering JavaScript Logs

It can be messy—and oftentimes overwhelming—when your log prints piles of errors or warnings. As you execute programs with front-end languages like JavaScript, your web console keeps log entries. You can access log entries from your web console with browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Logging simply involves keeping track of all the changes you make in your program, taking note of your input, output, and the overall steps taken. Learn more about filtering JavaScript logs and the like from Ukpai Ugochi on TEK-Tools’ blog. 

we’re seeing a new trend focusing on providing faster, better, and more reliable services to further improve the company’s efficiency and the end-user experience. For that reason, many organizations shift from a traditional monolith architecture to a microservices architecture. What exactly is a microservices architecture, and how do you migrate to such an architecture? This article answers these questions. First, let’s explore the differences between monolith and microservices architectures. Find out more from Michiel Mulders on Scalyr’s blog.

We also updated a post this week on OpenTracing. Ideas about distributed tracing and monitoring across multiple systems have certainly generated quite a buzz. It’s becoming more important than ever before to be able to see what’s going on inside our requests as they span across multiple software services. Aiming to harness this importance, the OpenTracing initiative has sprung up to help developers avoid vendor lock-in. Take a look at what this means for developers on Scalyr’s blog.