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Docker Performance Improvement: Tips and Tricks

Docker containers are fast—but they’re not always lightning fast out-of-the-box. If you’d like to learn some tips and tricks so you can have super fast containers, hear more from Lou Bichard on Stackify’s blog.

DevOps vs. SRE? 4 Important Differences

While there are slight differences between the two, SRE and DevOps don’t really compete with each other. Surprising, right? Learn more from Christian Meléndez when you check out Scalyr’s blog.

Pandas DataFrames for Data Analysis

Want to learn when, why, and how to use pandas DataFrames for data analysis with Python? Then look no further than Kite’s blog. You’ll learn basics of how to create, inspect, and manipulate a DataFrame, courtesy of Alex DeBrie.

Infrastructure as Code: What Is It, and Why Should My Engineers Care?

Using infrastructure as code can give you more effective employees, happier customers, and more confidence in the software you produce. Sounds appealing? Then head over to Plutora’s blog to read more from Eric Boersma.

The 10 Best Security Testing Tools

If you’re wondering about ten of the best security testing tools on the market, then Carve Systems has a perfectly compiled list for you. Understanding how they work will help you find the best ones for your network, all you have to do is read more from Eric Boersma.

Using Machine Learning to Improve Your DevOps Practice

The use of machine learning technology in businesses and industries continues to rise. It’s no wonder then that this technology would benefit the world of application development. In Alice Njenga’s article on ASPE’s blog, you can look at how to use machine learning to improve your DevOps practice.