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Containers vs Virtual Machines (VMs): A Detailed Comparison

While containers and virtual machines have a lot in common, they’re not the same thing. Each one has distinct advantages and disadvantages. You want to make sure you’re using the right tool for the job. Let’s look at these two popular technologies and how they work. Find out more in this post from Eric Goebelbecker on Plutora’s blog.

KPIs and Metrics: The Difference and How To Use Both

If you’re involved in business intelligence, business analytics, or project management, you’ve probably heard terms like KPIs and metrics thrown around the office. In fact, if you come from outside these domains, you’ve probably also heard that “a project is meeting certain KPIs” or that “somebody’s looking at the metrics.” But what does it all mean? Are the terms as interchangeable as they seem? Michael de Ridder can answer these questions in this post on Plutora’s blog.

XML External Entity (XXE), Explained

Web application security has gained a lot of recent interest. The quality and skills of hackers have improved over time. So it’s important for the defenders of an application to strengthen its protections and increase their visibility. Part of  doing this is to stay informed about common vulnerabilities. Every year OWASP puts out a list of the top 10 web application security risks. One of these top risks is the XML External Entity vulnerability, aka XXE. Learn more from Omkar Hiremath on Sqreen’s blog.

What Makes a Good Test Data Manager?

Have you implemented test data management at your organization? It will surely benefit you if your organization processes critical or sensitive business data. The importance of test data is emphasized by the fact that issues related to test data account for 15% of all software defects. If you’re looking to hiring a test data manager, find out more from Michiel Mulders on Enov8’s blog.

When talking about what to monitor to understand a server’s performance, there are many metrics that might come up. We’ll focus on just one in this post: server CPU usage. We’ll start by explaining what server CPU usage is, and then we’ll discuss why and how to monitor it. Find out more from Omkar Hiremath on Scalyr’s blog.