Test Case Design: a Guide for QA Engineers With Examples

To begin a software project, engineers should plan and document tests within the project’s scope. This is part of a test case design. More specifically, a test case design is a document that includes the test’s scope, the test strategy, the test environment, the software pieces for testing, the intended test actions within the project, the resources, and a schedule. Thus, developing test case designs aims to define the test strategy within the project; plan resource allocation; and clarify responsibilities, risks, and priorities. This article from Fatih Küçükkarakurt on Testim’s blog will address software test case design.

Best Practices for eDiscovery Data Processing

Legal teams often run into unanticipated problems during eDiscovery after they go through the initial data collection stage. At this point, it’s necessary to sort through the information, understand what you’re working with, and move the data forward for use in a legal setting. Unfortunately, this can be an overwhelming and difficult experience that slows down your entire operation. If you’re struggling to understand eDiscovery data processing, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn what data processing entails during eDiscovery, why it’s important, and some best practices to make it easier and more efficient. Find out more from Justin Reynolds, Akshita Singhal & Lianna Vaughan on Venio System’s blog.