How to Use MockWebServer to Mock and Test HTTP Calls

Testing is a significant part of the software development process for several reasons. For example, by testing our code, we can verify each function’s integrity and how to improve it. However, when our software relies on APIs to receive and send data, testing these API services becomes challenging due to many factors. One such factor is that an API service may limit how many times you can call it. Another challenge is that an external API can change and require a network connection to access. Usually, you do not have control over internal changes in an API. So, how can we ensure our code that uses API services won’t break on production by testing it? This is where MockWebServer comes into play. Learn more about it from Pius Aboyi on Testim’s blog.

What Is Open Telemetry? Guide and Best Practices

As a developer, running an application connected to numerous different services and systems can cause challenges for tracking or tracing issues. Understanding what data to collect and how to collect it properly is fundamental to quickly addressing availability and performance issues. You’ll need data about the application, which usually starts with logs. Over time, you’ll add in metrics, and, at some point, you might add traces. With OpenTelemetry®, you get all three with one tool. Find out more from Jethro Magaji on Solarwinds Loggly’s blog.

Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse: Know the Difference

The software development industry is handling more data than years ago. This data is often the key driver for decision making. For instance, the larger the volume of data you possess, the more information you have for better decision making. However, the main challenge that most software development companies face is how and where to store that volume of data. In this article, we’ll be exploring two major data storage architectures: data lakes and data warehouses. Find out more from Ukpai Ugochi on Plutora’s blog.

6 Trello API Examples, Useful Code Recipes

Trello is a web-based collaboration tool that helps teams manage and organize tasks into boards. Each Trello card represents a task. Trello enables you to track projects, assign tasks to team members, and know which team member is currently working on a task. Trello offers an API that developers can use to interact with the platform from their own apps. In this post, you’ll learn how to use the Trello API by walking through some examples. Learn more from Pius Aboyi on Fusebit’s blog.