Pedro Barbosa is a technology addict who has been working in the software engineering world since starting his career in August 2017. A front-end developer, so far he’s mastered Angular 2+, JavaScript, and TypeScript, and React. And you should expect his list of competencies to keep growing in the coming years, as he also loves to learn.


Daniel Paes has helped his clients as a consultant for projects about creating and modernizing data warehouses and multi-cloud architecture, helping his customers develop auto-scalable pipelines. As new rules are being applied to data, he’s been helping some of his customers comply with regulatory protections over data, such as PIPEDA and GDPR. He’s also guided security policies and guardrails, allowing his clients to secure on-premises, public, and hybrid cloud environments.


Chris Ebube Roland is a dedicated software developer, technical writer, and open source evangelist. He is fascinated with the Tech Development world and is dedicated to learning more about programming, software engineering, and computer science. He enjoys building, table tennis, and sharing his knowledge with the tech community and the world at large through his articles.


Vincent Chosen is a dedicated software developer, technical writer, and educator. He enjoys learning, conducting research, and, most importantly, sharing his vast knowledge with others. He is a blockchain enthusiast who is interested in the world of decentralized possibilities. Aside from coding, he enjoys chess and positively discussing technologies.


Verah Ombui is a passionate technical content writer and a DevOps practitioner who believes in writing the best content on DevOps, and IT technologies and sharing it with the world. Her mission has always remained the same: learn new technologies by doing hands-on practice, deep-dive into them, and teach the world the easiest way possible. She has good exposure to DevOps technologies such as Terraform, AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Linux, etc.


Sophia Iroegbu is a backend engineer and a technical writer.


Nimra Ahmed is a software engineer and technical writer with over 2 years of experience. She absolutely loves JavaScript but hates working on the front-end. In her free time you’ll find her either reading, swimming, or exploring no-code tools.


Jethro Magaji is a full-stack developer & technical writer with a flair for captivating readers. Passionate about crafting engaging content that leaves a lasting impact.


Benny Ifeanyi is a data analyst, content creator, teacher, technical writer and developer advocate.  With an unwavering passion for sharing knowledge, Benny is dedicated to educating individuals about technology and helping them become better at what they do. He does this by writing technical articles on his blog and for companies, contributing to open-source projects, organizing/speaking at meetups/conferences, and fostering the growth of technical communities.


James Ajayi is a software developer and technical writer. He enjoys breaking complex concepts into chunks that can be easily understood. He does this by creating content in a way that resonates perfectly with both technical and non-technical readers.