CEO & Founder

Erik Dietrich is a veteran of the software world and has occupied just about every position in it: developer, architect, manager, CIO, and eventually, independent management and strategy consultant. His breadth of experience allows him to speak to all industry personas, write several books in the development sphere, and countless blog posts for dozens of sites.


Lydia Nestel is an account manager at Hit Subscribe. She takes pride in her work and prioritizes clear communication with each and every client. In her downtime she enjoys browsing antique shops and swing dancing with her husband and she never misses the opportunity to wear vintage.


Hannah Malone is an account manager who keeps client needs and goals a top priority. If you are a client, you will be working closely with Hannah as she makes sure your posts are performing and your goals are being met. When she is not working closely on accounts, you can find her relaxing on the beach.


Arnab Roy Chowdhury handles QA and post processing for Hit Subscribe. He is also a UI developer, and when he is not working, he’s out there traveling and doing nature photography.


Nana Takahashi handles post processing for Hit Subscribe by night and runs the elegant Coquelicot Gallery and Cafe in Palatine, IL, by day. In both endeavors, her attention to detail is unmatched. But only one of those endeavors will allow you to view the handcrafted jewelry she and her mother create.


Tracy Koenn is a graduate of Lake Forest College, and she edits clients’ blogs, ensuring that posts are grammatically sound and convey content effectively. She also works with the Hit Subscribe founders on growth-centered projects.


Community Manager

Gabriella Torres is Hit Subscribe’s community manager. She works on community support, content distribution, and digital engagement and activities to help build the Hit Subscribe community. In her free time developing and playing video games.


Digital Marketing Strategist | Head of Sales

If you are a prospective client, Cheri Magnuson will be one of your first points of contact as she collaborates with you on how Hit Subscribe can best fulfill your needs. With a passion for SEO and analytics, Cheri aims to help bring your content strategy to the next level. In her free time, you can find Cheri living the active Colorado lifestyle—hiking, snowboarding, cycling and fishing.


Business Strategist

Brad Dennison is Hit Subscribe’s business strategist, keeping us and our clients on the path to success. When not in the pursuit of better business outcomes he’s investing in real estate. Outside of work, Brad is a family man and can likely be found bonding with his kids over video games.


Director of Customer Success

Erin Baez is Hit Subscribe’s director of customer success. If you’re our client, you can look forward to working closely with Erin as she checks on how your posts are performing, discusses your goals with you, and makes sure all your requests are going to the right places. In her free time, you can find Erin playing modern board games, working out, or reading.