On average, we probably are coming up with a minimum of 50 blog topics in a month at Hit Subscribe.
Granted, these blog topic ideas are for all of our clients, and we have a wide variety. But still, this number may seem quite hefty if you think “how do you come up with so many new ideas?? Hasn’t everything already been talked about on the internet?”
So that’s what our topic of conversation is today: how to create plenty of topic ideas for your blog.
Not too long ago, our founder Erik actually did a Facebook live on this exact topic, and you can listen to him discuss this in detail in the video below. Also, be sure to check out our Youtube channel where you can find plenty more videos like this one.

Picking Topics

For our clients, this becomes mostly a matter of figuring out what questions people are asking when they’re in a search engine. And then we narrow down to the questions people ask that are relevant.
So for instance, Hit Subscribe is a digital content marketing company. And if we were going to pick out topics for Hit Subscribe as a client, we would look at things related to digital content.
As a specific example, we could come up with some on-the-nose topics, like we could look to see if people are typing, “how do I find software engineers that write blog posts?”
We also use certain keyword research practices, but that’s a topic for another day. You would confirm that there’s actually search volume for these questions, or, put simply, you’ll answer the question: are people actually searching for this?
Essentially, you’ve got to narrow it down by looking at the whole world of questions. People might ask that some that are irrelevant, but eventually you’ll find the ones that people are actually asking.
In a nutshell, this is how we do most of our blog topic planning. And there’s a lot of shop talk that could go into it, but it’s really just about what questions do people have that are relevant to us. All that’s left is to find ways to answer those questions with blog posts.