Per Month
    For those who want to
    bolster their content, we’ll…

  • Write one┬áblog post per week (avg. 1200 words)
  • Do a quick copy editing pass
  • Offer title suggestions based on your keywords
  • Cross-post to DaedTech.Com
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Per Month
    Features everything in
    other tiers, plus we’ll…
  • Dive deep into your product so we can write to anywhere in your marketing funnel
  • help with social media graphics and content for each post
  • Publish posts and manage the blog
  • Promote your content through all our channels as if it were our own
  • Do internal link building
  • Track performance and implement strategy accordingly
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Our Guarantees

  • We will always hit our weekly cadence
  • Your topics will resonate with techies
  • Your content won’t sound hollow to tech audiences
  • We only deliver posts with great readability scores
  • Your content will be custom tailored to your specific growth goals