Have you ever thought this?

"We have to spend so much time editing our writers' posts, we may as well have just written it ourselves."

"Most copywriters aren't technically savvy enough to connect with our target market."

Or how about this?

"Our authors never turn things in on time!"

"There are things we should be doing with our blog, but we don't have the bandwidth to research and promote the way we'd like."

What we do

Hit Subscribe was created to help tech companies create and market content specifically tailored to their audience.

We partner with you, helping you use your corporate blog to reach your goals.

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Who we are

You’ll deal with established tech writers who have proven reach. They’ve cultivated their own loyal readership and, best of all, they have years as thought leaders in the field. And you’ll be able to enjoy the professional editing, design, and SEO services bundled into our offerings.

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Our guarantees

You can look forward to our guarantees, like

    • “green” readability
    • topics we can prove are relevant to your audience
    • content delivered by the deadline—every time.